Joanne Perkins


Reading, Berkshire

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Early one afternoon In April in 1968, I was born in a quaint hospital nestled in the suburbs of Wokingham, Berkshire, England.

I led a cosmopolitan and nomadic childhood, which has always had a place in my heart.

I returned to England at the age of 16.

Art being my only true love, I pursued my career on a part time basis, undertaking commissions, showing my work in drafty town halls, muddy fields and in Art shops, alongside of my office job.

Not being cut out for the nine to five lifestyle, I rented her home, moved counties and graduated with a BA Fine Art Hon Degree in 2005.

Years Later, I undertook commissions again, all the whilst fantasizing about being a full time artist.

One day at work, I came across the opportunity I had been waiting for, to start up my own Art Business, where I have combined my love of nature with art by painting landscapes of Berkshire.


I’ve been building up my landscape painting business since June 2013 and specialise in painting Berkshire landscapes. My aim is to inspire and help others by painting tranquil scenes for them to admire.
My love for painting started when I was a child. I had a very nomadic childhood and grew up travelling around Europe - I absolutely loved that way of living and hope to have a similar lifestyle someday. My travels opened my eyes to the beautiful world around me and that’s what inspired me to paint and that’s what continues to inspire me to this day.

I was first encouraged to pursue art as a career when a work colleague, who had seen some of my work, bought me my first set of Windsor and Newton art materials and advised me to “do something with it”. A few years in 2005 later I graduated with a BA Fine Art Hons Degree. I then began undertaking commissions while working full-time. I finally got an opportunity to properly launch my art business in 2013 and haven’t looked back since!

People say my paintings have a magical and captivating aura and they’re often keen to learn about I create them. The process starts with me driving through the Berkshire countryside. I do a rough sketch of a scene and take some photos to work on it at home. I start by using simple pencil strokes on a piece of white paper to map out the structure of the landscape. Then I apply different shades of pastel greens in acrylics and add more colours into the mix. By using lighter strokes and pastel colours I create paintings that are easy on the eye and soothing. My works are special and of high value because they are handmade.

I choose to depict Berkshire landscapes for two reasons. The first is that I find the Berkshire countryside very captivating. The second, and most important, is that I find landscapes have very soothing and calming qualities. They can inspire people and remind them of a special time or place in their lives. When I look at a landscape painting I feel calm and relaxed – I want people to feel the same when they look at my paintings. Whenever I recall travelling through Europe I feel very happy and I hope to get that across to people through my paintings.


I choose to paint Landscapes because I have always loved nature and I want to make it a part of my life.
Acrylics inspire me the most because they already exist and they are quick drying and can be used on most surfaces.
Art work, Pop music, and driving around my local area on a sunny day, evoke feel good factor emotions which are the basis of creating art.
I begin a painting, by mapping out the perspective in simple pencil strokes, on white paper. I start applying several shades of fresh pastel greens, in Acrylic, then I add other colours, and manipulate them until the composition is harmonious.
Viewers are interested in my technique and how I create a tranquility about the painting which is achieved by using light strokes.
I would like people to think of my art as uplifting and fresh which creates a sense of well being and reminds them of a special place or time in their lives.



Across The Water by Joanne Perkins


Bluebell Forest by Joanne Perkins


Ferry Cottage by Joanne Perkins


By The Lake by Joanne Perkins


River At Royal Windsor by Joanne Perkins


Over The Bridge by Joanne Perkins


serenity by Joanne Perkins


Woodford Park in Woodley by Joanne Perkins


Sonning Bridge by Joanne Perkins


Sonning Bridge in Autumn by Joanne Perkins


Black Swan Lake by Joanne Perkins